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Partner 7: Agris-Sardegna (AGRIS)

                                            Key Staff Involved in 3SR:
Antonello Carta
Sara Casu
Sotero Salaris
                                          3SR Involvement:

The Sardinian Agency for Agricultural Research (AGRIS-Sardegna) is the body of the Sardinian Autonomous Region to be responsible for experiments in agriculture. The Department for Research on Animal Production (before Istituto Zootecnico e Caseario per la Sardegna) is responsible for experiments in livestock and food science. The research unit Genetics and Biotecnology is the scientific reference of the National Breeders Associations for the selection scheme of the Sardinian sheep.

In the last years its main topics have been the use of genomic information for selection purposes with main emphasis on disease resistance. In this framework, it is the laboratory responsible of the Selection Plan for Scrapie Resistance of the Sardinian sheep breed and has participated to National and EU funded research projects: GENESHEEPSAFETY (QLRT-1999-30656) “Using genetics to improve the quality and safety of sheep products “.;SCRAPIEFREESHEEP (QLRT-2000-01733) “Monitoring the effects of Scrapie control policies that use genetics in different countries” ; RISKSCRA (COLL-CT-2006-030278) “Dairy products in Mediterranean sheep populations:quantification of Scrapie Risk” The group consists of 3 permanent scientific staff, on average 8 temporary recruited scientific staff, 2 permanent technical assistants, on average 2 temporary recruited technical assistants, on average 2 Ph.D. students. The molecular biology laboratory is equipped with an ABI PRISM 377 Automatic Sequencer, an ABI-PRISM Genetic Analyser 3100 Capillary Sequencer and an ABI-PRISM 7000 Sequence Detection System. The next year it will have the access to the Illumina iScan System to perform the analyses of 60,000 SNP chip for sheep.

The three key scientists are Dr. Antonello Carta, Dr. Sara Casu and Dr. Sotero Salaris. In the framework of the studies on disease resistance they have strong links with Prof. Antonio Scala (University of Sassari), one of main national experts in Nematodes, and Dr. Ciriaco Ligios (Sardinian Animal Health Institute), one of the main national experts in the field of paratubercolosis and TSE.

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