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Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network (BKTN)


                                           Key Staff Involved in 3SR:
Huw Jones (3SR Coordinator)
Kezia Williamson (Secretariat)
Chris Warkup

                                         3SR Involvement:
Board (Chair)

The Biosciences KTN (formerly known as Genesis Faraday) is the coordinator for 3SR and is a not for profit company (SME) that sits at the interface of industrial need, scientific capability and funding mechanisms. BKTN was established to improve the coordination and collaboration between the research base and industry in the field of bioscience, including the animal breeding and animal health industries in the area of livestock genetics and genomics. Its team of 19 staff includes Knowledge Transfer Managers with expertise in molecular genetics, quantitative genetics, bio-economic modelling and the management of large multi-partner EU projects.

BKTN has three main roles;
a) the coordination of collaborative research
b) the improvement of the transfer of technology and expertise between the research base and industry
c) the promotion of industry relevant post-graduate training.

BKTN currently has over 100 member organisations with an interest in animal genetics and genomics, from seven countries, including 50 commercial companies. In the last two years the BKTN team has brokered over €35m for new research and knowledge transfer projects for these members. The company currently has a programme of 23 fully funded Faraday Associates undertaking PhD training in academic partners and in collaboration with industry. Staff of the company have significant experience in the management of large programmes of research, management of Intellectual Property, training and knowledge transfer.

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