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Partner 12: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)


                                           Key Staff Involved in 3SR:
Brian Dalrymple
                                         3SR Involvement:

CSIRO is the Australian national research agency. CSIRO Livestock Industries is the division of CSIRO that undertakes research in the area of livestock genetics/genomics, health and welfare etc. The division has a central role in the major livestock genomics projects in Australia, in particular Sheep Genomics, the Beef Genetic Technologies CRC and the CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation, in particular in the areas of genetics, genomics and bioinformatics. Brian and colleagues at CSIRO play leading roles in the International Sheep Genomics Consortium and Brian is a participant in the Quantomics project.

CSIRO will bring substantial experience in the genome sequence and assembly of the cattle and sheep genomes and in the discovery and use of SNP chips to the project. This experience will contribute significantly to the identification of functional elements in the cattle genome and through a comparison with sheep provide a means of discrimination between cattle specific and ruminant level conserved functional elements.

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