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Partner 13: Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU)

                                            Key Staff Involved in 3SR:
Shu-Hong Zhao
Mei Yu
Chang-Chun Li
Xin-Yun Li
Jian-Hua Cao
                                          3SR Involvement:

HZAU is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university giving priority to agriculture, characterized by life sciences and supplemented by the combination of agriculture, basic sciences, engineering, liberal arts, law, economic trade, and management. HZAU, one of the first groups of universities in China which are authorized to confer Ph.D. and M.A. degrees, has produced the new China’s first doctor majoring in agronomy. As far as the educational quality and academic level are concerned, HZAU ranks in the top 5 among the agricultural universities in China. In addition, it has been converted into a national important base for training senior special agricultural personnel and developing agricultural science and technology. HZAU boasts a highly qualified teaching contingent of 1200 teachers, of which 205 are full professors and 333 are associate professors. Presently, 157 faculty members and 15 technologists and administration personnel work in college of animal science and technology and veterinary medicine. Among them, there are 30 professors. Thus, a contingent of fine quality teachers has been shaped representing all the necessary subjects.

HZAU is one of the leading universities in China in Animal Genetics and Breeding. The only Key lab of animal genetics, breeding and reproduction of ministry of education in China was established in this university. This university also owns the national animal engineering centre, and the pork quality detection centre of ministry of agriculture. The Key lab currently has 41 faculty members and 270 graduate students. The Key lab comprises 4 research divisions: animal genetics resources and diversity, animal molecular biology, animal reproduction, and fish breeding and genetics. In the past 5 years, members of this team were granted around 120 research projects including national high technology, national basic research, national nature science foundation projects, and international collaboration projects etc. Total funding is about 60 million RMB. These projects involved the leading of national pig breeding programme, the goat breeding programme, candidate gene studies in the pig, goat, chicken, and cattle to identify important genes in animal breeding, and functional genomics. The animal genetics and breeding team published 380 papers including 130 SCI cited papers and 250 Chinese research papers in the past 5 years.

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