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Partner 8: Universidad de León (ULE)


                                            Key Staff Involved in 3SR:
Juan-José Arranz
Beatriz Gutierrez
Juan-Pablo Sánchez
                                          3SR Involvement:

The University of León was formally opened in 1979, although the Veterinary Faculty dates back over 150 years. The University is research driven with nearly two hundred research teams in different areas. The animal breeding group started its activities in 1990.

The main investigative work is focused on the Genetic Improvement of dairy sheep. These studies have been carried out in collaboration with different sheep breeders associations, especially with the Churra sheep breeders, and has allowed the establishment of selection programs. One of the research goals has been the genetic resistance to diseases in sheep participating in three European contracts on this subject: (i) genetics resistance to mastitis (FAIR 1 PL95 0881); (ii) use of molecular tools in sheep breeding (contract QLK5-CT2000-000656) and (iii) use of molecular tools applied to milk safety (contract COOL-CT-2006-030278).

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