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Partner 9: University of Thessaly (UTH)


                                           Key Staff Involved in 3SR:
George Fthenakis
Katerina Manolakou
Ilias Giannenas
Ilias Kyriazakis
                                          3SR Involvement:

The Veterinary Faculty of the University of Thessaly has been established since 1995 with the purpose of providing specialist education and research in farm livestock. As such it is the only Veterinary School in Greece that specialises exclusively in these species. The Department of Animal Nutrition and Husbandry of the Faculty has 5 academic staff and a number of post graduate researchers associated with it.

The research interests of its staff are:
(i) the development of sustainable/environmentally sensitive systems for livestock production, in particular for sheep and goats, that enhance livestock welfare
(ii) the development and implementation of novel genetic methodologies that will enable the development of the above system of production, whilst maintaining local livestock resources
(iii) the development of novel methods to measure livestock behaviour and assess their welfare
(iv) use of plant derived feed additives as alternatives to antimicrobial agents for sheep and goats.

The Department has purpose built laboratories and has established a network of farms where measurements can be taken and scientific experiments can be conducted. Close collaboration with other Departments within the Faculty allows interdisciplinary work to be conducted. The Department also has expertise in the development of Decision Support Systems that are currently used by the livestock industry across Europe and close links with the Institute of Genetic Improvement of the Ministry of Rural Affairs, which is also based in Thessaly. The latter Institute jointly monitors a population of an indigenous breed of goats (Skopelos) for their resistance to a number of health challenges, including mastitis.

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