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Partner 6: Utah State University (USU)

                                  Key Staff Involved in 3SR:
Noelle Cockett (WP1 Leader)
Chunhua Wu
                                3SR Involvement:
WP1 Leader

Utah State University is the land-grant institution for the state of Utah. As such, USU is responsible for teaching, research and outreach through the Cooperative Extension system and has been designated as a Carniege Research intensive institution.

Since its founding in 1888, Utah State University has evolved from a small, agricultural college to one that is nationally and internationally recognized for its intellectual and technological leadership in land, water, space, and life enhancement. The university has 850 faculties who provide education for more than 23,000 undergraduate and graduate students, including 10,000 in its continuing education sites located throughout the state of Utah. USU occupies 7,000 acres, 400 of which are on campus, with more than 200 buildings, 63 of which are devoted to academics. USU also has three branch campuses and Extension offices in all of Utah's 29 counties.

The College of Agriculture is one of USU’s seven academic colleges, and includes 150 faculties with expertise in a wide range of areas, such as production, processing, and distribution of agricultural product, natural resource conservation, animal, plant and microbe biotechnology, infectious diseases, and rural community sustainability.

Utah State University Homepage:

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